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Dr. Dayan Clinic

"Treating the illness through the patient" 


My name is Dr Josef Dayan and i would like to take this opportunity to  introduce myself. I am a qualified doctor of traditional internal  medicine. Over the past 35 years I have acquired extensive knowledge  and experience in my field.


From the beginning, I realized that traditional medicine did not meet  all my patient's needs. At best, it reduced some of the ailments and  like many other doctors and health care givers I felt it was essential  to treat the patient and not only the illness. By combining  traditional medicine with various alternative therapies I am able to  heal the patient as a whole, unlike conventional methods that often  forget that the patient himself is involved in the healing process.


To make this dream reality, I spent many years enriching my  professional knowledge at various medical centers in Europe, studying  with some of the medical world leading specialists in different  fields. On my return to Israel I began to incorporate these therapies  into my practice. The initial steps in applying these unique  treatments were taken at Shiram specialists clinic (Assaf Harofe  hospital, Tzrifim), which was the first of its kind in Israel.


Following the success achieved there I went on to open a specialist  clinic called Dr Dayan's Integrated Medicine Clinic. With the aid of  specialist doctors and a trained medical staff we offer an extensive  range of techniques and methods to our patients in order to ensure  they receive the best and most effective treatments available. Our  clinics fundamental belief is personal attention to listen and  understand our patients which plays an intricate role in our patient's  overall well-being.


Our commitment to quality and professionalism in my clinic greatly  expands our success rate to heal, in contrast to regular conventional  methods. My philosophy that is echoed throughout my clinic
is that to offer treatment to a part of the body is only possible when  the entire body is understood, treated and healed. This is my lifelong  passion, commitment and belief in my world of medicine.


I will be happy to meet you and understand how I can improve your  health.


Welcome to my family.




Dr. Yossef Dayan 

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Our Units

 Cancer patient support

 Immune system support

 Gastrointestinal disorders

 Cancer-induced pain

 Guided imagery

Chronic Diseases and Internal Medicine 

  Vascular diseases and disorders

 Immune weakness

 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


 Chronic Pulmonary Diseases

 Chronic wounds and Pressure wounds

 Gastrointestinal diseases

 Ulcers and Helicobacter pilori

 Heartburns and hiatus hernia

 Esophagus, stomach and duodenal- related disorders


 Crohn's disease

 Irritable Bowel Syndrome


 Chronic Diarrhea

 Gas / Flatulence


Fissura and Fistule




Heal spur. Tennis elbow.Frozen shoulder

  Lower and Upper back pain

 Medically supervised massage


 Repetitive Vaginal Inflammations


 Fertility treatments

 Sperm aspiration

 Routine check-ups

 Orology Treatment

 Treatment of benign enlargement of the prostate and prostatitis with sonic waves and heating

Treatments coordinator - Dr Kastin: Urologist


 Treatment of complications of Diabetes

Treatment of non-healing wounds in the feet through a combination of special ointments combined with Ozone and Oxygen treatments 

 Pain Clinic

 Nutrition and Obesity Unit

 Dr Myers detox method for body cleansing

 Classic Homeopathy

 Osteoporosis and Bone care clinic


 Toxic Body Cleansing-Improving quality of life



Dr Mayer's method

 Medical fasting- Dr Mayer technique



 Colon Hydrotherapy

 Medical enema. washing of the colon with water



 Infusions of vitamins, minerals and iron

 Treatment with infusions using a diversity of Vitamins to overcome absorption problems in the digestive system





 Ozone Treatments

 Treatments with Ozone gas O3 for a variety of problems and in a diversity of methods




 Oxygen Treatments

 Medical treatments with Oxygen



 Toxic body Cleansing

 Removal of accumulated toxins from body



 Additional Natural Treatments



Blood injections

 Injections of autologous blood with/without Achinecea for the activation of the immune system




 Treatment with a computerized magnetic mattress

 Treatment that activates the body cells and serves as a leverage  for healing processes





 Colloidal Silver water treatment

The usage of ionic colloidal silver water as a natural antibiotic




 A variety of warming devices



Short waves

Treatment with sonic waves according to the method of Prof. Shlipke - Germany




 Obesity treatment

 A school for changing eating habits, drinking and physical activity




 Biological Support Therapy

 Overall state of the patient and improving his immune system through supportive treatments

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