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Dr Dayan's vision focuses on the full recovery of his patients, based on five leading principles:

· The patient at the center

We feel, at Dr Dayan's Medical Center of Intergrated Medicine, that the patient should not be considered a "medical condition", but rather, a person in need of the best and most comprehensive medical care.

Therefore, treatment begins with a thorough diagnostic examination where a detailed questionaire is compiled regarding the patient's medical history, lifestyle, current medication usage and related symptoms in order to get a true evaluation of the patient's present condition.


·  The ultimate path to recovery

Since body systems are all  interconnected, they often interact and effect each other.  

It is our believe that the patient's full recovery can be achieved only when all systems are in balance and function in harmony – intergrated medicine.

For this reason, treating a specific condition often requires treating other systems that may appear non related to the underlying symptoms.

It is our aim to examine the entire scope of potential medical problems and influencing factors in order to supply the most effective and beneficial treatment tailored specifically to meet the patient's needs.

·  Worldwide therapy techniques

We are not satisfied solely on what conventional medicine has to offer.

Rather, we aim at intergrating proved alternative methods with conventional medicine. From our experience, only a combined treatment program can lead to a successful change  in areas where to-date conventional medicine has failed to provide a positive result.

At our clinic a highly specialised team of doctors and medical staff apply conventional medical methods together with non-conventional treatments, ensuring that both body and soul are tended to.

·  Improving the patient's quality of life

A truly complete recovery is achieved only when a patient implements changes in his life style in areas such as nutrition and eating habits. These long term changes are crucial for recovery and ultimately improve the patients  quality of life.

·  Medicine with a personal touch

At Dr Dayan's Medical Clinic we pride ourselves on our intimate one-on-one relationship with our patients. The doctors and staff are available at all times to assist you in any way they can.


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